Saturday, September 22, 2007

I'm addicted to FACE BOOK!!!

oh woww!!!
so many applications to play and it's endless.

and I'm so glad that my school is finally up!!!!
i could check out old school mates !!


Karen said...


I was like that when I started facebook. I have spread the "virus" to your brother.

I guess, after a while, people will get bored with it. Remember you were so high in spirit when you started blogging? hehe... I guess your addiction will soon be over. ;)

mei yi said...

yes.. now i'm a little bored with blogging.. and i have not familiarized myself with facebook yet.!
yay.. u finally dropped some comments over.

Dragon said...

haha, same situation for me.... addicted... i asked all msd to join... we play the whole day... hahaha.