Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fasting and Prayer

I tried doing partial fast (daniel fast and skipping a meal) and from then I've learnt...

1) To be determined
When ppl is eating. .i don't eat
When ppl OFFER me to eat.. i decline
When my stomach is growling.. i ignore
When i feel like eating.. i control

2) Praying
In times of suffering (for this case, it's hungry), we tend to ask GOD more for help; to be dependent to God

other benefits which is not godly ...
1) Detoxifaction - good for the body
2) Losing weight - yes. a bit but gained back after normal diet
3) Change of eating patterns/diet - I tend to enjoy simplest food, rather than eating expensive/complicated food

And I'm still learning, by focusing and listening to God, would I see the answers of my prayers?


Karen said...

God may not always answer us, but in His time - and His idea of time is not the same as ours – He always does.

“And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive” (Matt 21:22).

mei yi said...

I like the ice breaker we had in CG last nite. It's something we played before but the game master explained the game well.

Game: Group 1 write any questions and Group 2 write any answers.

Group 1 read their questions and Group 2 read their answers.

Results: The questions/answers don't really match.

Ask God your questions for he knows the best, and sometimes, the answers dont' seem to match