Wednesday, September 26, 2007

5 Languages of Love

Gary Chapman has come out with different versions of this book after the one for couples.. now they have for singles, children, men, teen and etc.
And even.. 5 languages for work -> Forgiveness and how to apologize.

I did the little test and found out that my languages of love in sequence is as below:
1. Acts of service
2. Quality time/Receiving Gifts
3. Physical Touch
4. Words of affirmation

At the same time, the difficult part is understanding our loved ones' love language and to show them the love language that they want to receive... so that they would feel loved by us.

Overall, the book gave me a more understanding of showing love, rather than receiving all the time. Loving is a choice, it's NOT a FEELING.
I've always thought that love is a feeling -> in cloud 9 and head over heels -> it's not exactly true all the time.
What's more that is pleasing to God's eyes is shoing our love to others.

God first loved us, UN-CONDITIONALLY.
That made me realised that I should not love a person only in return of the person loving me.
Even if the person remains cruel to me, that doesn't mean i should stop loving the person.

If God could love me and forgive me despite of all my sins and wrong doings, why can't I learn to love like him?
Sounds like motherly or fatherly love. The love that my mom is some-what unconditional too -> she would be willing to do things for me (acts of service), and yes... she still does the cooking, washing, cleaning, sewing (alter my pants) and etc etc........... even if i'm lazy -> she'd do it...


Karen said...

So, seems like you did finish it after all. hehe... Good!

It's really a good book. It's best to share this with others. People always think that love must be always receive receive receive. What about give?

We also need to know what are other people's love language in order to fill up their love tanks. Giving the wrong love language doesn't fill up their tanks. Now, I understand why some people don't feel loved when others love them so much. Fill wrong tank dee. Macam car we can not put diesel mah.

Yes, motherly love is somewhat unconditional too. My mum also like that... hehe. Time to leave the house soon. Don't get to be pampered anymore.

mei yi said...

HEhaheh.... yups.. important thing is to fill up the love tanks of our loved one and God will always prosper us and reward us when we are in heaven.