Saturday, September 01, 2007

Daily Sudoku

My sis has this craze about sudoku that she plays her daily sudoku games at

For me, I'd only do it once in a while to 'exercise' my brains.
She was shouting that she completed her 5 star sudoko.
That pressured me to complete and voila!!
I did it too!!

PRoveeeeeeee... screen shot of my completed game!

It was perhaps, 2 years back, I was introduced by one of the shift supervisors in my previous job about this game. I was kind of amazed with this mind game and truly liked it.... as it really test the way my brain works.

In fact, my colleagues and I were playing during our night shift... and tried competing with one another who finishes first. :D

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dragon said...

i'm not relaly like it, and not really don't like it. depends on mod.... wakakaka