Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heritage Karaoke

I would think that Heritage Club, Penang is a place for older folks.
There weren't many customers around, though there were more people at the restaurant.

We were the only bunch of people going for the RM180++ (come up to RM216) for all night long karaoke session. FUnny thing was, there weren't much food, thus, we had to sneak in some junks to satisfy our tummy and of course, lotsa drinking water (coz there were only either wine or beer/softdrink/juice package)

Songs were pretty updated and wow... we had an Intel IDOL joining us.
What a priviledge........

oopss... jangan ambik la.. i tak tau nyanyi..


dragon said...

really have a great time there. hope to go again, but it will be in redbox afternoon session. deal?? :)

mei yi said...

but i can't find a suitable song to sing!
still can't sing..