Friday, September 21, 2007

Penang Famous Asam Laksa

Kinda surprise with such advertisement.
Even kopitiam stalls are promoting/marketing themselves well.
They already have their name cards.

Time has changed.

We are in the new world.
But overall, Penang is still very dirty.....


Dragon said...

laksa... not really like it... will take it once in a bluemoon.

Karen said...

If I got the shop correct...
when I started eating here way back in 1996, not many people know of this shop. The shop only had char koay teow, and keng che pui (a.k.a economy rice). When I tell my friends back then, no one knows where it is.. it's like talking alien language with them.

Time flies, and in recent years, it has been well-known. The char koay teow also became famous.

Survival of the fittest!

So, it shows that hard work does pay off if we stick through hard times and not give up so easily.