Friday, September 07, 2007

Series of Nightmares

1. It was as if it was a vacation holiday in the neighbouring country whereby we are required to go thru customs. At the same time, there were nice beaches around for me to explore.

Not long then, I was at a big plain field, where there were old tracks of trains. Suddenly the trains began to move!! It was not supposed to be in operation. I had to find somewhere to stand to avoid being banged by the train. I looked down, and it was a cliff, and I tried climbing trees.

I finally managed to climb to another area where men were playing golf-like ball game. I told them we were in great danger. We hid ourselves in the old KTM train where panmee/meeko is being served. Three of us managed to have a sumptious meal.

2. At the vacation, we were then placed into places where dead people (very tall and short) started moving around the area. Some 'missing' people were found.

I'm beginning to think that I can write good movies.

I also dreamt of my boss presenting photos in the meeting room and complaining how badly the photos were captured/presented

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