Saturday, September 01, 2007

Choosing the Right Fruit

Since young, it's always my mom who gets the food for the family.
Sometimes, i'd help out to buy some 'stuff' here and there (milo, anlene, fresh milk, ice cream, cereals, biscuits... etc. etc) , but mostly, it's because i eat them as well..
As for fruits, it's always oranges, apples, pears, mangoes, bananas, papayas..... but when it comes to watermelon and honeydew -> it gives me a little !@#%, as i really do not know choosing the right fruit.

It's my first time getting mangosteen; it was only Rm1 for 1kg.
Very Cheap.
I thought it would be good to get the harder one so that it'd ripe later.... then when i brought home, my mom said... i should get the softer ones!! Ooppsss... luckily the seller helped to pick some for me, else all Mangosteens would be the HARD-SKINNED ones!
There is a trick to know the no. of flesh in the fruit. Just count the no. of petals (or watever you call it) at the bottom of the fruit. This is taught by old people since young. (you know, it can be a magic trick for the children, "Guessing the no. of flesh in the fruit") We all know it by heart, but I was surprised that there are some 30 year olds who are ignorant about it.

I read from websites that Mangosteens are very good for overall health especially the skin.
Yet, chinese always tell that we shouldn't take too much of it as it'd be too 'cooling' for the body. :D
I finished 'em all though.


dragon said...

really cooling? if like that, i need to take more.... haha.

i'm not really like mangosteen, but my bro do. he likes it a lot.

mei yi said...

nowadays.. lotsa places jualan murah Rm1/kg