Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Day at Penang Hill

I guess Penang Tourism Board is improving a lot and I see lotsa ppl still visiting our our hill.. Since we were free on Sat afternoon, we decided to pay a visit.... and I find it amusing since the last time I was there was LAST YEAR!

Some pics are just too expensive to be taken...
The return ticket cost me RM4.

If I'm not mistaken, train station was since 1923?

Muzium Penang Hill as I walked to the funicular train.

Some decos...

The control dashboard

The old-fashioned train

I'm trying to capture the other train

Oops.. Lousy camera.. I'm too late.. I had difficulties clicking

me.. Myself..
Sun and I... reached right at the top station:

Old MMU friend whom I met..
Self potrait...

Newly built mosque.. but.. why missing alphabets?

Nice pigeon. It was sipping water from the fountain:

RM5 Canopy walk.
It was 1.4Km from the station and took us about 20 mins walk..
No sweat at all even with a little slop cause it was very cooling..
Moreover, there is lucky draw.
We could win stuff like digicam or even a handphone?
Cloudy day.. after the rain (no sunshine after the rain though)

Monyet with baby monyet (not joey)
As I walked up to David brown's restaurant. Nice hor..
David brown restaurant
We could see children running around
Some high-class families were dining there (with wine of course)
RM15 Fruit punch:
Rm15 Mango Freeze
Rm15 Freeze Margarita (I don't feel margarita at all - maybe it's just lemon freeze)
Rm18 Sandwich. Nice juga... ham and vege - very fresh feeling
Rm28 Fruit crumble - i think it's really overpriced!! Even Peppino's baby tiramisu was RM26!!
The taste was just so-so..
I'd say, digestic biscuits, custard sauce mixed with fruits and walnut...
OK.. I paid for this cozy fire place..
and also , it was really windy, in fact, we really needed the fire place to keep us warm.
We sat by the garden, the gushing wind caused goose bumps all over us.
And next time, i will hike for free for this view! All it takes would perhaps, sweat and blood..


Simply Simply said...

Wah, never know there're so many places to go at penang hill! Thanks mei yi :D

Oracle loves Linux said...

nice one, wish to go in one day..

mei yi said...

yes.. u can go penang hill... just that it's quite mahfan to go there for food.