Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I (l)ove my email

I got another email from Robert Half. Recruiting agency based in California.
Seemed like I applied for some well known publication position?


"zzz, (03720)" <> wrote:
That's the strange thing, Mei. The email is the same as yours. Did you recently take a position at a well known publication, sent there by Robert Half? It's very confusing. I'm going to have to turn this over to a supervisor or legal.
I'll find out what the problem is. Thank you for your patience. We have a duplicate record of you as Mei Yip and only legal or a supervisor can expunge a record.

-----Original Message-----

From: meiyi []
Sent: Saturday, September 01, 2007 1:05 AM
To:zzz, Ken (03720)
Subject: RE: Robert Half

It's Ok. perhaps you need to find out her actual email address.

"zzzzzz, Ken (03720)" <xxx
I thought you were the candidate my colleague was close to.

Robert Half Finance & Accounting
1735 Market St. 25th Floor
Philadelphia, Pa. 19103
Tel: xxxx Fax: xxxx

-----Original Message-----
From: meiyi []
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 4:57 AM
To: zzzzz, Ken (03720)
Subject: Re: Robert Half

I think you emailed the wrong person.
Thanks,Mei Yi

"zzzz, Ken (03720)" <> wrote:Mei,

Also Ewa wanted to know where you found a job. I'm going to call her tonight.

Recruiting Manager
Robert Half
Finance & Accounting


dragon said...

hahaha, i always received email that not suppose to sent to me.... we have the same surname, name also almost the same. mine without a o and his with a o. pppl always sent those email to me. at first i will reply, but later, im lazy to reply anymore, i just ignore it. hahaha.

mei yi said...

Aik Leong?
Intel one isit?

Last time my friend's husband's name is Aik Leong. .:P
He works in Intel -> not sure if he's still in intel coz my friend has left for KL

Just like our friend, bakwan... exactly same name

but.. mine different, it's my yahoo email.. :P

Dragon said...

he has already left intel. i think no one will send wrong mail to me anymore. hehe.