Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Was it a 22km or 25km race?

I remembered taking a BIG STEP participating in PBIM 2008's half marathon.
The worst part was, I only decided to join 1 month before the race.
For someone who has never did any marathon before, I did not have much knowledge on the preparation and the recovery.

To my knowledge, half marathon should be about 21km-22km.
And everyone was telling me that the PBIM 2008 was 25km.
I Was like??!? what??
Have I gone that far?

Most probably right.
In the past events, it was at USM.
Now that the starting line is at Queensbaymall (that speaks the difference).

I tried searching for the actual distance, but couldn't find any except from here.

Now that my friends are all geared up for this year's.
The time limit is 3 hrs instead of 3.5hrs.
How would I possibly make it? :(


Mr.Dream said...

last time 10K still not a problem to me, but now, 10K seem like a day journey for me

meiyi said...

join me for the run.
why not try peacerun 2009 at youthpark on 9 aug?