Monday, July 20, 2009

Bobbi Brown's New cleansing oil

I was informed about the latest Bobbi Brown's Cleansing Oil. Thus, I quickly signed up for the complimentary sample and played the treasure hunt for a makeover appointment at Bobbi Brown's counter.

There is this contest going on, where we could be the top 3 referrers.

Top 3 Grand prize is worth Rm500!

So, I started small, then there was huge competition...

Now the highest referrer is almost 5k!
But then again, the email server doesnt work. None of my friends received my email on this contest. What's the point huh?
I actually called up and inform Bobbi Brown Gurney Plaza about it.
I wonder if they would be disqualified. :D
Anyway, I had my bottle of free sample Cleansing oil last week.
It's ok that I didn't get my RM500 grand prize. That small little sample was good enough for me!

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