Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Home's Cafe Food

Home's cafe has been D'Piazza for a few months now, and they do not have the RM5 oriental promotion anymore. Thus, I would thought that having a bowl of laksa or curry mee for RM5.90 is way too expensive. Moreover, the Nasi Lemak now cost Rm6.30.
I might as well drive to the Bayan baru market for a good big bowl of cheap Rm2.50 hawker's food.
Thus, i decided to try something else for lunch.
Their peanut butter toast ~Rm2.80.
I would say, it's good, since they really give generous servings of peanuts.
And, the yam cake about Rm2.xx+ (cant remember the price). They have generous toppings again which made it more costly than the outside yam cake.
But the chicken chop with rice is rather dissapointing.
I think I rather take KFC's jom jimat which is only RM5.90+.

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