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Being a less Chinese-Literate person

Is it my fault that I did not grow up in Chinese schools?
Would it be socially unaccepted for a chinese not able to read chinese newspapers?

I still come across chinese who despise me for not SPEAKING their 'way' of chinese (claimed that I had a weird accent - are they jealous or what) or unable to read chinese newspaper.

Then again, it's not as if I can't converse/understand the language.
In fact, I would find it an accomplishment to be able to work in a call center supporting China customers.

*beat that*

Mr Google has helped me a lot.
Even when it comes to translation.
Find this website really useful translating chinese to english.

Honest speaking, I've learnt not to bother these people too much and just respond to such remarks by 'smiling' :D.
It's never TOO late to learn a language - it's just the attitude.
The most important thing is to accept people as they are... whether they are bad in whatever language it would be - may it be english/chinese/malay etc...


VampireM said…
this just happened to me a few days ago. some 03-xxxxxxx number dialed my handphone:

MG (Malay Gal): Hello, boleh saya cakap dengan (my name)?

Me: Yes?
MG: (my name) ada tak?
Me: Yes, speaking...
MG: (hung up)

I think she clearly can't understand me...
meiyi said…
Hello.. you bully people kah? :P
Pei said…
i experience the same thing too..remember i told u..they LAUGH at me, and even clapped 'hi-5' to each other saying that this is that meaning n in actual it is if i dun understand..i really hate tat feeling...these kind of fren can just ignore them...
danz da man said…
I think it happens both ways also, the people who can speak ang mor language also make fun of the cina-speaking not so good ingurlish-speaking people wut.
meiyi said…
but mr danz - read my last line.

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