Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have got Temperature!!

My company started a stupid policy to start measuring temperatures of their employees.
I have checked with my other friends who work in other US MNCs do not have such practice.

Perhaps, the management wants the security guards to have more work. Besides, after 2 major rounds of lay-offs, from 1k over employees down to probably less than 300 people now, the guards would be alright when it comes to their work load.

Yesterday morning, after taking a very 'THICK' cup of VICO drink for breakfast.
I realised that my body started to have some weird reaction.
I started to gulp more water as my throat was feeling really dry and sore. WORST still, I started feeling extremely cold; I blame the aircon!
Nevermind, I waited for 5.15pm to leave the office immediately.

Had a good sleep from 6pm-10pm despite, occasionally, I had my sister that stood beside while I was sleeping disturbing me.

Woke up and checked my temperature using the clinical thermometer that my previous company gave during SARs time:

OOps!! 38.2!!
I cant to go to work !!

I really hated to go to panel clinics as they have the worst doctors in the world.
I went in LESS than a minute.

My conversation:
Doctor: Please sit down . What's wrong?
Me: I have fever and if my temperature is > 38, I'm not allowed to enter the plant/office.
Doctor: WHY?
Me: That's the procedure that the company set.
Doctor: What else?
Me: I have sore throat

Doctor: Open your mouth. (he just used a torch light and looked) OK.

And that's all!!!!!!
I was given antibiotics and I'm refusing myself to take it.
I dont' need antibiotics! It's bad stuff!
All I needed was Medical Certificate!

And this type of bottle still exists??

Woke up today.
Fever subside.
Hooray.. I will go to work tomorrow!


VampireM said...

i also have to undergo that procedure before going in my customer's plant (US MNC, not yours)...

there was a day, I went in after lunch, 38.1 C, they won't allow me in... haha... so my poor customers cant get their machines running...

meiyi said...

oh well.....
next time try to visit your customers early in the morning.

or ask them to measure your readings again.

Anonymous said...

Din disturb u la... just stood beside u to see if u r awake or not only.