Monday, July 20, 2009

Confession of a Silent Thief

Back in primary school, I used to be really poor.
I dont have much pocket Money.
Someone introduced me in 'taking things' indirectly -> for that case, taking things from home.
Although I knew it was not morally right, somehow, I got a little desperate.
I wanted so much to own those cute little stickers, cute little book marks, cute little autograph books, cute little memo pads, cute little toys... and etc etc.
I only had a few of those and it was not exactly the prettiest.

After school, sometimes, I follow my mom to the stationary shop.
There, when the shop owner was busy, i tried to pick small items into my POCKET!!
I think I took once before.

Whenever I return the shop, I'd be reminded of that incident.

And, this is an untold tale.
Now it's TOLD and PUBLISHED.

Of course, I absolutely regretted.
I have learnt to understand children behaviour.
If they do not get what they want, they may resort to get it in other ways, without thinking of the consequences.
Very often, my life - even as an adult, I would want to escape from the reality.
I maybe trapped in the worst SIN in life.

The most important thing, that I've learnt to overcome it and to get over it.
God is always forgiving and we could re-start our lives again. :)

It's never too late......


VampireM said...

so you're a shoplifter eh? :p

meiyi said...

i WAS....
no more at present

rssmatters said...

Maybe just quietly pays more at that shop when you visit next time. Might get rid of the guilt feeling. Better yet, donate the money to someone in need.

meiyi said...

rssmatters: it's just a stationary shop.. donate or to pay more? like I say, it was just SMALL item which we cant even pay a meal now.

nopes. i dont feel guilty anymore..
why should i? unless i start shop lifting again.