Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I get weird dreams when I'm sick

I have always dream of myself driving.
Sometimes it's not just my normal proton that I'm driving, it can be something else.

In my dream, I had a bicycle-like car.
Instead of having the passenger behind, I think it was at the side, while I have to hold her as I ride/drive.

Pretty strange I have a friend of mine who really dislike walks/runs had to follow me with my 'vehicle'. Strangest part, we had to go thru the hills. I even have my MD walk/drive infront of me! But as soon as I'm on straight road, I could start my engine (like my proton) and turn on the aircon.


Aik-Shuen said...

How is that weird? :D

meiyi said...

not weird meh? :(