Monday, July 20, 2009

Jotting down....

I try to remember what I've dreamt before and very often, I have forgotten to do that, and I'd end up forgetting it

1. Hamster
I dreamt that someone gave me his/her extra pet hamster and was given a small little hamster-sized plastic container just to cage it up. On that night itself, it ran away. Someone else had to search high and low around the room for that baby hamster.

Then, I was given a bigger plastic container for the hamster.
And, it doens't have food

2. Driving a Honda City (previous generation)
My friend had 2 hondas and I was asked to drive the 2nd one to have lunch at the Jail Restaurant around Dato Keramat area (no such restaurant around Dato keramat).
I had difficulties following as I was ended up at the coastal area and soon, after I stopped, I was actually driving on a squared-stone, galloping all the way to dont-know-where.

3. Night shift
I escaped from night shift from my previous job.

And now, supposedly, on one of the nights, I was working at home. Boss asked me not to use wireless, but instead wired (speed performance). It's so weird having my 2 colleagues in my house. I never claimed for any streamyx bills, and I have highlighted my concern to my boss that streamyx line is unstable.

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