Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Food from Max Gourmet Queensbay

I have not been to Max Gourmet, queensbay for many months (almost a quarter) and it seemed like there was some changes in the way they serve the food.

Lunch time is still packed as usual, and service is of course, quick.
I would say, this place is relatively similar to canton-i, except they dont' have people dressed with cheongsam/traditional chinese wear with walkie talkie on them.

I wanted to order dry wan tan mee, but forgot.... I still prefer the DRY one. Char siu aint good.

According to my friend, the duck noodles not too bad.

I like fried turnip better than char kuey kak.
Turnips are softer.... and nice .:)
Again, it's probably Rm5 cheaper than canton-i.

Some crispy noodles stuff.
Big portioning that I think next time, i can share with the other friend.


Simply Simply said...

The crispy noodles look yummy

meiyi said...

yups. i think so too...
but fattening la :D