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So confused with Today's English Workbooks

It was a Sunday night that I was trying to be a busy body exploring what my mom was marking since she's teaching Year 3 English at a well-known chinese primary school in Penang.

I spotted some mistakes but it was marked correctly.
She told me, it was marked by the previous teacher, not her. *fine*

I was flipping again.
And I was shocked to see the word "masteri".
I asked my sister who had a degree on English Literature what "masteri" is.
I couldn't find it in oxford or webster.

I asked another friend.
Finally, it's a MALAY word!!
What the heck is a Malay word doing in an English workbook?
It's confusing an adult like me.
What more a 9 year old?

but then again, the workbook has explaination in Mandarin.
So, would you consider this an English workbook?

I think it meant, "mastering English grammar" - or something similar.

Another phrase.
English KBSR syllabus Orientated?
Now that it's really very debatable.
I have always learnt OOP as object oriented programming, not object orientated programming.
So how? British vs American english.
I really dont' know how should I rephrase it.

What's next. Circle the proper nouns.
How about prepositions?

My school is on Jalan Pasir Mas.
I have always thought that it would be:

My school is at Jalan Pasir Mas

Now this workbook made me a confused Adult. Would a child be confused too?
Would it be the reason children should stop learning Math and Science in English since there isn't enough resources to teach correctly?

Then again, would it confuse the child more with malay translations?


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