Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cashflow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki

The last time I heard about Robert Kiyosaki was almost one year ago.
This time, I stumbled upon Cashflow 101 board game at WOU Open Day Carnival.

It started with the introductory speech by organizer June, Success Resources.

I was from Table 1. It was obvious that my table did the best.
The one with the highest cash in hand and passive income was also from my table.
Pretty high for a 1.5 hour game.
(The grand prize was a travelling bag- i got nothing!!)

Even the lowest cash in hand was by my friend, $10240 and lowest passive income was $630.

After a tiring session (almost 3 hours) - with the speeches and talks by CIMB and Success Resources, I finally FREEd myself from the lecture room and roamed around the fields.

Had this picture took by a colleague - NICE!
And thanks to my friend for giving me vouchers to get food.
Chocolate sorbet and Pacific west barramundi fish and chips.


VampireM said...

wat were u doing at the open day?
gonna go back study?

meiyi said...

i went for BLOOD donation la dude..

Pei said...

i love the cocoa sorbet..will try the pineapple 1 sumday...