Sunday, July 19, 2009

KFC Flava Roast Chicken Fillet Combo

Hardly people blog about KFC.
My friends like the new KFC Flava Roast that cost ~Rm12.
Baked potato is really good.
And the chicken is like Ayamas Ayam percik - spicy and not super oily like their fried chicken.

Only available at KFC Sunshine (Giant not available)
Service was slow but at least the food is not too bad.
It's a real change for KFC - they know consumers are getting more and more health-conscious.


Pei said...

i want to try...u still have the voucher....;)

meiyi said...

u can just print from the 10% jpg file

PALS said...

My brother always eat at KFC and McDonald's.. I don't know why.. I'm not that addicted to these restaurants.. But they produce delicious products..

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