Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bad burn from the steam of a Rice cooker

This post is definitely not for the faint-hearts.

It's not the first time I injure myself for not being careful.

1. I had a deep cut that required 3 stitches from washing the bowl.
2. I burnt my face while eating microwaved roti kopi (mexico bun)

and now, I burnt my wrist from the steam of a rice cooker.

It created two HUGE blisters.
I accidentally popped it the next day.

I went to the in-house nurse, and she skinned me off!!
It was indeed a painful experience, as she just removed the skin and added iodin on my wound.
(I just got to know from my doctor friend that to treat burns, the surgeons actually remove the skins which are actually already dead cells)
I guess, it supposedly fasten to speed of recovery.
She even added her very own special formulated powder, chinese medicinal white power, 693.
(it's banned in Malaysia - why? i don't know)
But I am not sure if there was infection but I'm pretty glad that my ugly wound has dried up as it's been 1 week now!
I'm glad that I can continue my training for Adidas Run. 2 weeks to go!

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