Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things to Do In Melaka

Melaka, Unesco World Heritage City.
It's a pretty small place where you can do a ONE day trip if you are from the neighbouring states.
For a Penangite like me, I would stopover at KL :)

First thing first.
Start with the stadhuys!
Take pictures with the old Christ Church Melaka.

Then, walk across to Jonker Walk and have a peep if the chicken rice balls stall is packed.
Hmm. the queue is almost as long as Kim Gary's. :)

Nah.. I went where there were some empty tables.
2 plates of 5 chicken balls + Medium plate of chicken, with 3 traffic lights fruit juice (watermelon, orange, apple) = RM18.50

I expected the chicken to be better........ but then again......
It's the balls (oops. i mean the ones below) which attracts..

This is the how manieth time I had picture with A Famosa.
I still have to do it again and again.
It's almost like an obsession.

New attractions!
Menara Taming Sari which is similar to the Calsberg Tower at Sentosa.
Then, the EYE was moved from KL to Melaka.
And again, i did not sit on the gondola (it cost only Rm10 for malaysians).
It's just so unromantic to sit on the gondola A-L-O-N-E.

But, at least , with these two additional attractions, we could get a good 360 degree view of Melaka. But, do they really need these to attract tourists?

I took the opportunity to visit a catholic church, St Francis Xavier.
Surprisingly, many visitors came in to take pictures of the interior/exterior of the church.
They allow visitors to enter to even to pray.

Besides Bukit China, locals can drive up to St John's hill to have a scenic city view of Melaka.
It's pretty quiet here.
I think it's also another fort. ;)

I was actually very lucky to bump into Dr Tan Kim Hock at his place selling local products.
I didn't quite like the Durian Chendol as they used Durian paste instead of REAL DURIAN fruit.
BUT, i brought home some variation of coconut cookies home.

Satay celup.
The Kapitan and Ong Kim Wee was filled with hungry crowd.
I was brought to a less-crowd celup place which should have the same celup, but had less variation.
At least, I'm not eating other people's saliva.

Night market at Jonker's walk. I see many selling home-made pineapple tarts.
I think my sis-in-law and her mom made better jam tarts.
Lastly, the lowlights of the trip.
Great disappointment at the Portuguese Settlement.
We could sit by the dirty beach, to enjoy some 'sort' of breeze.
But, the thing i didn't really like was the competition among the stalls (which serves Portuguese Food).
As we walked along the stalls, we were ovelwhemed with the different stall owners promoting their stalls, claiming that each has the most fresh ingredients used in their the most special dishes.
Good to visit during special occassions like Christmas.
Devil's curry.
It's not that spicy. I guess it's the color.
but the next day... u know what happen when you have to rush to the toilet a couple of times...


Simply Simply said...

Hey,u didn't go to bukit beruang to catch some old memories?

meiyi said...

I did!

Pei said...

i missed the satay celup...:P

classyadele said...

Loved this post. Brought back some memories. Always look forward to a short trip to Melaka...I'll be heading there this July anyway, to attend an academic conference at Equatorial :)

meiyi said...

hey. so u r coming back after all :)

u know what, i stayed opposite EQ that time...
at least it's walking distance to dataran pahlawan/mahkota parade.

Food Promotions said...

Nice foods in Melaka :)