Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Azuma, queensbay mall Penang

I have always thought of going to Azuma, but due to its pricey menu, I hesitated.
Since my friend managed to get the VIP card from her friend, why not, give it a try!
Finally, I had my share of Teriyaki chicken which cost Rm18.
Food is not-too-bad but it's really on the pricey end that I think I would not go back there unless there is a special occassion -> I'd go sushi king I guess.


VampireM said...

VIP card entitles u to a discount? 10%? or more?

meiyi said...

10% only lahh :D

Anonymous said...

10% for every item every day... b4 i also cant get it.. but at the last i come regulary.. then the manager there will give us also...
coz them say we love to happy can get azuma vip card