Saturday, May 30, 2009

Penang Times Square

Penang Times Square opened since Chinese New Year 2009.
I have not been since there weren't much shops around.

Being a truly Penangite, my sis and I decided to visit the place. :)
Now I realised that Komtar is not very 'high'.
I could take the whole building from Penang Times Square.

Just outside, i see some teenagers posing for their friend's dslrs...

and the two statues stating the history of smelting company.

It's really empty there.
We really had difficulties deciding where to eat, making sure that the ringgits we spent on food is worth.

Marrybrown or Kopitiams?

Finally, we decided on White House.
I told my sis to just give it a try.

NO regrets ya.
I had spaghetti and she had javanese noodles.


crazyyakuzaishi said...

got berjaya times square, now got pg times square? where is it la?

meiyi said...

dato kramat road. :)
walking distance from komtar

Pei said...

so, how's the spaghetti & the javanese noddles? would you recommend me to try??

meiyi said...

yups :)
like i've said ... not bad