Friday, May 01, 2009

The Peak, Hong Kong

When I stepped into the Peak, the first thing that reminds me is my very own Penang Hill.
It has the tramways, just like Penang hill's railway.

I kept wondering, if Hong Kong could make The Peak so pretty, why can't Penang government do something similar?

It was a bad rainy day that I didn't get a good view of HK.
But, i'm not regretting for not taking a trip up.

I wanted to catch sunset, but nothing much.

UK had their Madame Tussaud.
Same goes to Hong Kong.
They seem to have everything to attract tourists.
I expected something more in Madame Tussaud.
Nobody explained to me what to expect in there.
And now I know, they only have waxed celebrities.
And, i had several scoldings/warnings for trying to snap Obama's figure. :P

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