Tuesday, May 26, 2009

k770i day out: Haagen Dazs, QBM

Let's compare the picture quality of k770i.
Without LED light (dark)
With LED light (brighter)

OK. Not bad. :)

Bon Appetit.
Mango was nice.
Tiramisu was nice.
Cookies in the chocolate was nice
and i think it was coffee was nice too!


Diaz Howard said...
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classyadele said...

I remember years ago when I was first treated to my first Haagen daas ice cream in Penang (their first eat-in cafe) - 2 scoops of ice creamw ith some whipped cream on top and a lil love letters bicuit - for Rm13.90 - back then it was like phwoarrrrrrrrrrrr...

how much would 2 scoops cost now?

meiyi said...

i think it's Rm18.90.

OH well. i always remembered having my first Dome Experience in Sunway Pyramid with you.. I ordered Twisters.

and another first 'robbery case' in TOMEI at Sunway pyramid with you toO~~~~~!!!!

you really made my uni life eventful la wei .:D

crazyyakuzaishi said...

strawberry is the best..even though i don't eat other brands of strawberry ice cream - haagen daaz strawberry has real strawberries in it.. the macadamia flavour oso nice, though a bit too sweet..

meiyi said...

yups.. i loved the real fruit taste!