Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Experience with FireFly

It has been many many years since I last visited Subang Airport.
Probably 20 years?

And after revamping the place.. this is what we see..

Small but still OK lah.

Strange, they have HUGE TV display, but there is no flight information.
I depended on my boarding pass printed like a receipt.

More renovation outside..

I boarded at the waiting area. It was a quiet place. I heard LCCT is very noisy like Puduraya.
I was the only one with the camera snapping picutres, until the 3 men looked at me.

Now that we could board... we have to walk out to board into the fokker aircraft.
What if it rains? Any backup plans?

hmm... I see lots of umbreallas -> can i take them home?
As I board, I could see my 3kg pink luggage that I checked in.

Drinks or Food?
Orange juice and Muffin!

The buckle with firefly logo.

I wanted to laugh looking at the propeller....
And, it was an empty plane.
Smaller than a bus but comfortable!

Perfect Landing @ Penang International Airport.
p/s: Their service could be improved if they would use English instead of Malay during the demo on emergency landing. Why is it necessary to use Malay?
But... the rest of the announcements were bi-lingual.
Ok. after reviewing FireFly, will I get free tix from FireFlY?
Sometimes I dont' understand why I'm doing this for free.. :D


Simply Simply said...

hey, my 1st time experience too, with fireflyz on 18th May, but that time was too early (my flight was 6.30am), and the aircraft is really like express bus, 38 seats only, ahhahahaahahahahaha.....they spoke both english and malay ler.....

meiyi said...

the part when they demo on the emergency exit was in pure malay.

crazyyakuzaishi said...

eh the drink and muffin have to pay or free?

meiyi said...

jaime: it's free girl :)