Friday, May 01, 2009

Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Growing up in a family watching HK-TVB cantonese series with all the children mentioning about how much they wannt to visit Ocean Park (that's before the launch of Disneyland), I got to see this place.

Since I've missed the fun of Ocean Park when I was a kid, I rewarded myself by sacrificing a day in HK for the park visit.
I was quite dissapointed "how ancient" this place has turned into, worst part, they are in the midst of 'refurbishing' with construction all over.

Same thing like Disneyland, I had lunch and took picture with the mascot, except that, there is not much crowd here as compared to Disneyland.

We need to queue up to take the cable car to the other side where we see the seals, dolphins, sea creatures, and the park rides.

What I liked most is the huge aquarium with hundreds of different species swimming.

I would say the cable car ride experience was thrilling.
If you are afraid of height, better dont' look down, as we would see only hills and seas.

The much awaited dolphin show was quite a dissapointment as it was less than 30 minute show.
I think their techniques had not changed much.
Yes, they were good, but I think I expected TOO much.

There was a section for Park Rides.
Since my sis was not interesting in all these rides, I tried all these all by myself :P
And good thing that it was a week day, there isn't much queue.

The abyss is something like Genting's Solero Space shot, so it was not THRILLING AT ALL!

Eagle view - or something like that...
It was spinning round and round that I myself got myself spinning.

Entertainers and my last visit to say bye-bye to panda.

Before exiting the park, I jumped on the trampoline (which I think meant for kids :P)

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