Friday, May 01, 2009

Hui Lau Shan Dessert Shop in Hong Kong

I have always been crazy over Mangoes.
I have heard so much about Hui Lau Shan desserts.
Many told me that they will re-visit the place a few times before they depart Hong Kong.
Due to its popularity, I could see this dessert shop every where, just like 7-eleven.
It was Monday special for Mango Platter.
I really lurved the mango mochi and the mango balls (tong yuen).
The other one was black sesame mango, I think.


Pei said...

the dessert look so tempting...yum yum....

meiyi said...

yups.. it was good!
we try in KL one day ya?
(other similar outlets)

Simply Simply said...

KL also got? where? what is the shop's name?

meiyi said...

don have hls, but got substitute.
once i've visited and tried, then i let you know la :)

ftd said...

whew!, the dessert looks pretty yummy. To shop at Hong Kong looks like so much fun with all the delicious food around.