Monday, May 25, 2009

Prodigal of the Lost Son

I went for the Global Day of Prayer tonight (again).
Passage was from Luke 15:11-32.

Speaker talked about the son who has been with the father at his father's house.
Instead of sharing the father's inheritance, he who has been slaving at his father's house failed to share his father's generous heart to his brother.

We were challenged to receive God's generous heart.

I related this to myself.
Since my brother has married and bought his own place, my mom has been 'giving' him things, 'taking' things from home for him, and 'keeping' things for him.

We know she loves him, but I do not understand why the favouritism.
Then I realised, it could be that she has missed his son much more as I have always lived in the same house as her. I can get whatever from her anytime that I want.

If anyone wants anything from me, just TAKE.
For GOD's provision is never-ending and overflowing.. :)
Take from me, and I'd get more from God, the Father and be blessed by Him .

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