Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That day when I was Drunk

Due to the influence of Gem of Life, I thought of visiting clubs that serves drinks by the poolside.
I decided on Sky bar, Traders Hotel.

Fantastic KLCC view ;)

And I ordered this PRICELESS drink, Long Island Tea, Rm30++.

For someone who doesn't drink much, Long Island Tea is a LOT.
I thought I was OK as I finished off the drink quite fast, thinking that it was just TEA after all.
As I started queuing up at the ladies, I began to feel something was going on.
Something started to spin.
I started seeing bright shining stars on top of my head.
I couldn't bear to stand still, as if I was on a boat on a rough sea.
I decided to lie against the sink.
*Total embarrassment*
And, there was still a pretty long queue at the stupiak toilet.
I couldn't hold and *puke*.
*instant relief*
There goes my dinner and the drink.
At least I was kind enough to CLEAR up the sink (no more evidence of my *leftovers*)

I still don't understand why some people lose consciousness when they are drunk.
What I felt was my HEAD was SPINNING.


crazyyakuzaishi said...

hahaha...poor thing...lets go drinking the next time we meet up... :P

meiyi said...

yeah!!! where r u now la!!

VFling said...

U puker..!!

JulieTan said...

aiyo!!! why isit that most people will think long island is safe? next time hor... get one cocktail that has got either one or two liquor lar. if you wanna kill brain and puke faster ... go bagan and order "six devils seduction":p

sad to say... i was once one of those who lost consciousness... had wine and otard non-stop... and i KO very bad.