Thursday, January 01, 2009

BOH Tea Centre at Sungai Palas, Cameron Highlands, Brinchang

The last I went for a Tea plantation in Camerons was back in Form1.
So, I wanted to know how it would look like now.
I missed it last year when I was staying in Tanah Rata, but I hope I won't miss it again.

The stuff in the souvenir shop is not cheap at all, in fact, I think the price is better in Sunshine Square or Tesco Penang.

Anyway, it was a cool, refreshing afternoon as I enjoyed the cakes and tea.
The part that I disliked was every TEA refill was Rm1.

The view was fantastic, except the fact that it was a bit misty.


Josi3 said...

Oh gal.. u should join us that time in our tea farm outing when we had our IBridge 2007 outing in Cameron Highlands.. yeah.. the tea is expensive and nothing great.. I, my as well, just purchase those TEa Boh "Made in Cameron Highland" for a cheaper price in Tesco/ Giant..

meiyi said...

tat's y .. i was very sad.. because u all ditched me in ibridge 2007...:(
now that u brought it up again!!