Thursday, January 01, 2009

Harvest In Cafe, Irrawadi Road

I trust that this is a new place, since my friend who works around this area has not heard of this place. It's at the junction of the service road (off burmah road, Penang), just behind Northam hotel. Hm.. Irrawaddy or Irrawadi Road.. whichever..
Thanks to my sis for introducing this place.
Totally no regrets!
Surprising, the place was filled with people and they even had to queue outside for their tables to be ready.

I tried the white coffee but I thought the taste is only so-so.
It's only Rm2.50 though.
We had our RM7.90 chickens!
Good presentation.
Grilled chicken sauce was good, and the chicken chop outer layer is crispy.
It's way better than the ones at the kopitiams.
Morever, they had the red cabbages as their side deco, which is not cheap (approx. Rm3 per packet in Tesco)

No idea why she's so happy.
Probably she was too fascinated with the huge decorative wall clock and the christmas tree, I believe (or perhaps, the cute hunks that she saw in the restaurant).
There goes our new year's eve.


classyadele said...

me likey ur new hair...AUNTY meiyi! :) heh heh

meiyi said...

Haha. thanx dear!
i love to hear that!

Pei said...

Thanks Janice for the recommendation..We love the food there..will go again...