Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fly with Aeroline

I would say, Aeroline has the best bus service in Malaysia so far.
Although I have not tried NICE, but I think it would provide almost similar service with Plusliner, except that NICE has bigger seats with meal provided.

Even the Konsortium snoozer is not any better. Other than providing personal TV set to watch, I find that the seats and flooring is rather dirty. At least, Aeroline is almost leather-PVC-like seat; I felt cleaner throughout the entire Journey.
Moreover, it's promotion period now! And. i like it when they asked for feedback upon returning.


VFling said...

Only the rich and famous could afford Aeroline lar k.. It's double the price of normal bus eh... Sigh....

meiyi said...

They have loyalty card.
You may save more when you load your loyalty card.
Only RM55 PG->KL.
Plusliner (4-seater) costs RM33.

Also, they have priority pass if you have last minutes arrangements (you get to sit at the lounge at the lower deck -> with powerpoint plug for your laptop)