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Lunch break at Bravo Italian Restaurant @ i-avenue

As I was searching for food around bayan lepas area, I fumbled upon this Bravo Italian Restaurant at i-avenue, BJ which is a bit alien to most of my friends.
Initially, I was very excited and wanted to ask my sis (she loves italian food) to try it out!

But it was a great dissapointment after being attracted with the reasonable set lunch deal, Rm16.90++.
I ordered Hawaiian chicken.
Being health/fat conscious, I asked the waiter if it was deep fried or grilled. He told me it was pan-fried but to my great great dissapointment, it came out to be ordinary kopitiam version of deep fried chicken chop. :'(

Soup was good as there were 'real' stuff inside like pototatoes and mushrooms.
Other than that, nothing great to shout about.

Coffee is from the nescafe machine, Ice cream was locallly made Corn ice-cream, and the garlic bread (baguette) tasted weird -> i don't know what kind of spices they put, but it tasted very much like fungus.


Penang Tua Pui said…
hi.. sorry if we misleading you...

the only best thing about this restaurant was the tiramisu... the rest is ok la.. but too bad...

for the garlic bread.... hmm... i dun think every one like it... as the garlic is a lot... hee hee

btw... let me try to get hold of the owner to see this write up and see if we can drive them for more improvement....

else i need to drive down to belisa row for the tiramisu....
meiyi said…
Hey Penang tua pui.. no worries, it wasn't you guys that misled me. If you read my post again, it was the PRICE that attracted me. And it's really hard to find cheap italian food.

Tiramisu -> it was not in the set lunch, so I didn't try. :D
And i LOVE tiramisus!! -> u can also try the one in EQ.. it's really GOOD!

And, thanks a lot for engaging with the owner. I think my sis would love to try that place if the set lunches have been improved. :D
meiyi said…
Boony: no pictures ler.. i went there during my lunch break. didn't intentionally go there to snap pics :D

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