Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What-to-do on the First Day of Chinese New Year?

A little too old to go house-to-house for angpow collection, perhaps, the best thing to do on the first day of new year is to go HIKING. Instead of going to normal eateries to celebrate Soo Ling's birthday, we opted for HIKING since we worried so much about the calories that we consumed for CNY.

It was indeed a quieter evening compared to other days, since most regular hikers would be busy with their family reunions/gatherings. Since I have a very simple family who only have 'simple' small reunions, I was pretty free throughout my new year.

I was surprised to see some uncles having steamboat gathering right at Hill No.3.

Good day to start with a sweat !
Ain't Penang magnificent?

Kawaii poses for the older ones :P
Down at Penang Youth Park before we left the place
(New year resolution: Will never wear my sleeping tshirt the next time I hike)


Anonymous said...

Aw... it's been a long time I haven't go for a hike!! penang seems so so far away.... :(

meiyi said...

huh huh?

crazyyakuzaishi said... must be very fit now..

meiyi said...

actually NOPES.
i used to be fitter when i was at celebrity fitness!

JulieTan said...

hey... wat's with ur new year resolution of not wearing your sleeping tshirt for hiking?

you mean you actually wore your sleeping tshirt for this hiking trip? wahahhahaha... why?!?!? why?!?! no time to change and you met some lengchai(s) up on the hill isit?

meiyi said...

i tot the tshirt looked ok... anyway i'd get dirty with it.

luckily, no lengchais, but it looked very crumpled and ugly..
dont' u think so?