Sunday, January 18, 2009

Common Nail problems - Blue-Black on the Toe Nail

Cause: Penang Bridge Half-Marathon RUN
Since: 2 months ago
(extreme pain on the first week)
Condition of the Toe Nail: No more blue black but the nail is falling off
(condition worsened after a 5 hour trail hike - especially the part when i run down the hill)

Some readups from family foot:

A black-and-blue nail is usually caused by sudden or repetitive injury to a toe. This might occur during sports that involve running or stopping quickly, such as tennis or basketball. The injury may also result from a heavy object falling on a toe.

->> for my case it's The bridge RUN!

If pain is severe, the nail may be removed, or a hole may be drilled in the nail to allow drainage, which relieves the pressure. A local anesthetic may be used. Pain may also be relieved with prescription medications, or by soaking or icing the area. If pain is not severe, you may not need special treatment. The nail can be thinned or left alone to fall off. A new nail should grow to replace it.

--> i hope it will fall off gracefully now.!

How Can I Prevent Nail Problems??
-> I guess, wear the right socks!!

Feel like posting up some pics -> but i guess it'd be after my nail fall off!

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