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Calling for PTPTN Debtors

I have been someone who tries to live a righteous life, at least.
I know sometimes I do make mistakes in life, I have tried stealing *oops* but yet, i think it's not right to 'owe' people $$. Let's live our lives 'debtless'.

Some people thought that I would have areasonable amount of $$ to study at MMU.
No, I think my family comes from the lower average income group.
At least I tried to minimized their burdens by applying for PTPTN loan.
I was not even a bright student.
I wont get any scholarships ( I saved my postages not applying for any).
And, I am far away from being a First class honors student.
So, forget about waiving the PTPTN loan.

I started paying probably in 2001 (very the chuan chuan plus paying my own malaysian cheapo car, Iswara - Proton Saga).
No choice.
I needed a car too.

And now, after paying for XXX no. of years (yes, i'm very old already), I'm proud, at least, the 'Admin Fee' has dropped from Rm100++ to just RM24.70.
So, pay up your loans la PEOPLE!!!!
Unless, you feel that you deserve to get that $$ from the government, then, I've got nothing to say.
Maybe I need to borrow second time for study (again), since the economy is so bad.
I don't think I have anymore 'cash' to pay my loan if I'm out of job.

Very healthy balance now.
( I hope PTPTN would waive my loan fees for posting this entry :D, but *dream on*)

** from a proud, faithful PTPTN payee **


crazyyakuzaishi said…
how much did they give u wor?
meiyi said…
A LOT.. tell u offline la ya. ;)
JulieTan said…
wah... you were very rich as a student hor?!?!!?

me and my other 2 siblings also paid off our loans or part-scholarships la. Me and my sis had JPA and we were not required to pay full amount if we graduate with 2nd class. my brother had to pay maybank full amount cos he didnt want to work with them upon graduation... all paid!!! and i even paid jpa more but lazy to get the money back from them... cos they gave me more than what i had paid back!!!!

and we shud encourage ppl to pay!!!
meiyi said…
You are a clever student then.
I have to pay FULL amount.
And, the $$ i got from PTPTN is not enough to pay to my Money Making University.

I was not a rich student.
In fact, a super thrift-student.
I used to buy chap fan for lunch and put a lot a lot, eat half, and save the other half for dinner.
Or i eat buffet for breakfast and keep all the food in my tummy for lunch and dinner and the next day's breakfast and lunch.

And yups... try asking those who has had their PTPTN loans, majority is not interested to pay!
Mei-Wah said…
hey meiyi,

gong xi fatt chai~ thanks for dropping by my blog. hah, bout ptptn, i paid certain amount every month to ptptn and now the 5 digit amount is STILL there! sigh. as if i never pay anything at all.

bout the clarins workshop, it's free but need to book early. it's organized by female magazine. :) are you interested in such workshop? if yes, i will contact u once there are such workshop available again!

JulieTan said…
PTPTN ... sigh... I know a few who have yet to finish paying their loans even after so many years of working and paying!!! and the monthly admin fee is like blood sucking leech leh...

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