Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hear me O people!

Just over dinner, I had a small chat with one of my friend's friend who works in KL. I asked how come she's not at work. She said, she's on one week's break since it's CNY. For me, i told her, we had to take leaves since it's shutdown (i felt that she couldn't understand what i mean by shutting down).

If your company is doing fine, that doesnt mean MINE is..
From your observation, you think that WE are over-exaggerating the economic situation, the fact that WE are not.
What's with the pay cut and forced leaves all about?
She told me, if you earn less, then spend less.
Yes. . TRUE. but it's not impacting me. It's impacting the WORLD. i mean including YOU and ME.
It's ok if I earn less, but what if I'm out of job? She told me there are plentiful of jobs around. It's the matter if you are willing to start all over again.
Oh well... not when thousands of people are jobless..

Yes, you dont feel it now.
There is profit for your company now.
How about few months down the road?

Penang is in deep shit first.
I heard so much of 'packages' from various companies, including chinaman companies which did not declare to the government.

But what can I do? Why am I worrying something that I cant make a difference?
I'm honestly worrying for nothing.
Partly, it's because i'm stranded at home -> doing nothing....
It's SICK staying at home!


JulieTan said...

it'll be fun to stay at home and having holiday mood if you know your job will still be there anytime after your break!!! but your case... mmm... dunno how to say liao. guess you really fattmoh at home d. how about doing some social work?

meiyi said...

if i'm from a billionaire family, maybe.. i don't mind!!!

but but...
today very 'gai'!!!