Thursday, January 01, 2009

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe, Brinchang

We were given some pamphlets as we drove down to Cameron Highland's Resort near the Brinchang night market.
Thus, we thought of trying this place Strawberry Moment, at least this place has WI-FI!
The concept is strawberry based, but the fact that their ice creams tasted like nestle and not homemade.

But. but.. I feel that I should find a 'cheaper' location for food in Cameron's.


JulieTan said...

great!!! wifi!!! free???

if it's free... then i won't hav to drive to starbucks at tanah rata if i were to stay at brinchang in the future.

hmmm... coffee vs strawberry?

meiyi said...

yups. if you need wifi desperately, then you can hop into this place..
alternatively, you can go for cameron highlands resort again