Friday, January 30, 2009

What Could you DO if you are out of job?

1. Study Overseas (eg. Sweden)

2. Apply to become a teacher in the government sector
step 1 : Go to JPN (beside Bkt Jambul school) and apply as a temporary teacher
step 2: Check out newspaper in April/May for the new intake.
step 3: Go to website to read about the application of KPLI course
(currently, everything says 'closed' (tutup))
step 4: Go to Bank simpanan Nasional and buy Rm6 dono what.

3. Study Masters
option 1: Wawasan Open University (Jan or Jul intake)
option 2: Universiti Sains Malaysia (closing date: 27 Feb 2009 for July 09 intake)

*updated - since most thinks that #4 is not practical*
4. Find a RICH husband, get married and make babies


CRIZ LAI said...

Hmm... LOL! Making Ox babies this year would be totally out of the mind. I might think find one lorong and go open a shop sell beef noodles <--- was that not how those famous beef noodles shops started their businesses?? haha :P

meiyi said...

Sadly, I only know how to EAT, and not cook! :(
I guess OX babies or Rat Babies are equally bad.

classyadele said...

For #4 to happen, dont u have to find someone to make babies with first?

meiyi said...

oh well...
can find, i hope....

Anonymous said...

Sure can find....... just that, you never know and he walk past sadly

VFling said...

#4 is out lar...a simple wedding with dinner for relatives and some simple photo shooting also few k few k liao lar...

Thn not to forget within the next 9 months the mother-to-be need lotsa nutrition and stuffs...this is spending money lar k..

JulieTan said...

VFling - didn't you notice her "RICH" in #4?... so money shouldn't be a problem...she can also afford to have OX triplets.

MY - you should go to FY's workplace more often... got chance to marry doctors!!! They are rich and busy... so your money will be yours... and most important is their money will be yours too :p

#1 is a great option if you hav sufficient fund(s).
#2 a bit sad lor... nothing to do baru pi jadi cikgu... i pity those students who get teachers who are not passionate in teaching.
#3 sounds viable.
#4 " " toooo!!!

meiyi said...

Julie: i only edited the "RICH Husband" after all these ppl commented.

#1 - did i mention? studying in sweden is FREE!

Anonymous said...

Education is also free in Germany!