Thursday, January 01, 2009

Wimbrey Park Kopitiam, Gurney Plaza

Maximizing our New year's eve, we decided to walk around and 'try' out new places.
We came about this Wembrey Park Kopitiam at 7th floor, Gurney plaza.

Since the both of us had not try this place, so we 'tested the water' there.
Ratings = Not so good ler...

The ximut milk tea is exactly like the 'teh' at the kopitiams. It's nothing like the hongkong teas.
Morever, the toast is too dry la... Kaya tasted like aunty rosie or something of that sort.

Sigh sigh. I paid Rm3.90++ for the kaya butter and white coffee set.
Hm.. at least, this kopitiam is CAREFUL with my orders.
When I mean less-sweet, i mean it... !!
Else I feel fat, and I wont FEEL like going there anymore!

The place is nice for a chit-chat, but definitely not a good place to get good food.
The menu is almost similar to Old Town Kopitiam, except that it has less-crowd.
Sometimes, I do emphatize the owner.
How would they survive with the cost and the expensive rental?
So many waiters/waitresses (mostly young school leavers) working yet customers aren't that many.

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