Tuesday, September 08, 2009

OXO Cafelab Queensbay

It's my XXth visit at OXO Cafelab again.
Few months back, I was there to celebrate two colleague's birthday.
My main reason going back is to celebrate birthdays despite the bad service that they have not improved. At least, parking is convenient and it's free for the first 1 hour.

Pei and I are not are not hard-core food bloggers but we like to pretend to be ONE infront of people who dont' blog.

And the outcome of it, someone took a picture of us who pretending to take pics of the food.

I was surprised that the waiter allowed my colleague to order the kid's meal.

The burget set (with wedges) cost only RM7.

We finished our soup.
The waiter gave a plate of these sesame seed biscuits to my other colleagues of the next table.
I asked for that even though the sequence was already wrong.

Cheapest set lunch.
RM10.45 (after 10% discount, before 10% tax)
The spaghetti actually tasted not too bad. :)

And we had complimentary baby birthday cream cakes.


VampireM said...

the service there relli sux so bad that it's not even thinkable to go back there...

Nitin said...

that was cheap. 10 bux. but it looks pretty yummy. too bad im putting a stop on my junk intake.. :( but those are lovely looking cakes. i was doing a lot of that sorta photography lately for my last post. food is quite the motivator. i dont think these guys have many branches internationally . the spaghetti looked nice. :D. and im feeling soo hungry right now.. =P~ .

buzzingbee said...

hehe pretend to be one?? You are already one :)
I only went there once and decided I won't go again for the food!!!

meiyi said...

waa. poor oxo.
no wonder their business never improves.