Friday, September 25, 2009

Georgetown (City) Bayview Hotel - Tea time promotion 9.90

It was one of those RM9.90++ tea time promotion in Georgetown Bayview (formerly known as City Bayview). We needed a place for reunion thus I suggested this place :)

When it comes to buffet, I usually do not decorate my plate, and my plate/meal would end up having a platter of food that comprises of sweet and savoury ones.

They had some pasembur, nyonya kuihs, sandwiches, cakes and jellies.
As always, the carbs (fried noodles/rice and this time, they had hokkien mee) are usually out of my list.

I purposefully took the photo of the guy grabbing the fork as he didn't keep any cakes for me :(
Anyway, there are always refill thus a RM11.40 tea time is really not too bad.

However, the place is always packed with senior citizens and teenages, thus, to avoid dissapointment, we need to book in advance.

Lastly, rojak was the best! At least the chilli shrimp paste is thick and tasty..


Nitin said...

those cakes looks soo nice. it sounds really economic. if that was me. i wouldnt be able to control. i would have had a bit of everything over there. soo nice. im a bit allergic to prawns so thats one thing off that list. but it looks like a really nice place. but why do you avoid carbs?

meiyi said...

carbs - too much for my tummy - i prefer to reserve my stomach space for more important stuff like cakes.

Nitin said...

aha.. i see.. so cakes are good for the health?? i never knew that.. im gonna stack myself with cakes from now on.. i always new me and cakes had a long way to go... ;)

ck lam said...

Nice place for teatime with so many variety. Thanks for sharing!

meiyi said...

nitin: no - cakes are not healthy - but it's a therapy for me.
ck lam: you are welcome but don't have much expectation on the environment as it gets pretty noisy with the crowd