Wednesday, April 15, 2009

OXO Cafelab, Queensbay Penang

It's a monthly celebration for my department.
It'd be quite a headache not to repeat the same venue everytime we celebrate birthdays almost every month.

Since OXO is a new place, I might as well take a try on it. It was my 3rd visit to this place.

Although I've read many blogs that complained so much about their services, surprisingly, I didn't felt that it was a problem, especially today.

Oh well, it was a budget thingy, below Rm20/pax for us, so this place is the most suitable!!
Give some credits la..
Don't expect 5-star services, but they are still attentive enough to the needs of the customers.

Lisa from OXO had been really sweet to me.
Even though it was just the 13 of us, we managed to get the whole of upstairs by ourselves, and she even snapped pictures of the place that she was about to reserve for me. *aww*

Some random shots of the food served:
Drinks, Soup/Salad, Chicken chop, Pan Fried Chicken (Tasted like soya chicken to me), Spaghetti oglio-olio, dessert (watermelon, cookies and a piece of cake)

They were nice to have the birthday girls to wear some cute hats and sang a birthday song for them.
Not only that, we had this complementary birthday cake!


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

I have not try this yet. So which is your favourite dish? Perhaps I should go and try it. ^o^

meiyi said...

i think the deep fried chicken chop is not bad - at least for the one i tried had a special batter that made it so crispy like keropok

Steven Goh said...

Actually I had been there once only, but I find that the service is not up to standard par, and the taste of the food is out, the fried food is over oil and over cooked. Is not a place that I will recommending.

JulieTan said...

The food ... so-so only. Not really anything fantastic to note any higher. I guess the food is too diversified... out of focus? It's a budget place... the staff and manager have been friendly so far. Service is a bit to complain about, but hey ... they are still new. I guess they have brushed up by now.

meiyi said...

steven: fried food - was that the fried fish or chicken chop?
i find that the fried fish not very good but the surprisingly, the chicken chop had a different taste.

julie: Yups... i 101% AGREE with u la.. hehe. :P, my friend was complainin about the waitress (the same waitress.. *ahem) how un-trained she is.., but i think they weren't had good pay/training, i guess. hehe .:P

Samuel said...

do someone know what happen? the waiter and waitress there looked like not in the mood in working!! The healthy set with rice are quite good there..... But not much choice!!!!! Lack of service

meiyi said...

hey samuel.. dont blame them.
maybe they are underpaid. :D
and frustrated..... yet they still want the $$..

Chee Wai said...

yup,the service its bad,looks like not enough man power,slow service,i been there yesterday,i can only see 2 waitress attend all the customer outside!!where is other staff??did the management consider about taking more staff??last night its full house,maybe this a reason people don't to go to oxo again..

Chee Wai said...

hey meiyi,i thing maybe they been unpaid also and have to do so many thing at want time!!how come rite!!