Thursday, September 10, 2009

I'm on Royal selangor Twitter!~!!

I'm surprised with my blog post all over royal selangor.
This is how Twitter works!


Nitin said...

wow!! that makes you more famous now.. hehe.. i think the next thing is people coming to take their pics with you and you signing autographs.. :D

Nitin said...

hey i found the option. but it doesnt let me download the template. i dont wanna change mine as of now. i just want to know whats the difference in the code. thats it. mine is minima too. but for some strange reason its width and all are really diff. and thats what i want to find out. compare them both.its cool if you dont want to give me a copy of it.. :)

meiyi said...

try minima stretch.
my code's template is the same as blogger.