Thursday, September 10, 2009

I missed 090909

I was supposed to blog about this date but i forgot!


JACT said...

it's ok... still 090909 in US

Nitin said...

buhahhaha.a.. my friend reminded me about this date.. hahahaha.. early in the morn.. she was sooo jobless. so didnt stop noticing it. you didnt miss anything.. you were doing your thing at 9.9.9.. so its cool right??

meiyi said...

jact: but my blog's dates are in GMT+800... i dont' get to get 090909.

nitin: I remembered actually.. but procastinated till i forgot..

Nitin said...

its a question about your template.
i wanted to increase the writing width of my posts and side bar and increase the width of my header. how did you do yours??

Nitin said...

i know this is gonna sound strange meiyi, but if you dont mind could you please send me a copy of the template you are using. its just to know what is the difference in your code. lemme tell you its completely safe. i wont be able to do anything with the template. pleaahhezzze help me..