Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Eagerness Kills my Enthusiasm

I was all geared up and rushed all the way from town (church) to Bayan baru (Sunshine Square).

I calculated my last donated date - 5 July, 84 days (12 x 7 weeks) and it was already closed to 90 days (6 days earlier).
But, sadly, the doctor/medical personnel calculated it differently. They took today's date, 27 Sept to 5 Oct.
Thus, it'd ended up be 3 + 5 days.

Reason for doctor's rejecting my blood:
1. She will reject whatever which is 1 week earlier (but it was 6 days only - dont' u know maths, MISS DOCTOR)
2. I'm a woman donor
3. Protecting the donor (protect what?)
4. I will faint and get dizzy for the next few days
(despite I donated more than 10 times.....)

I'm pretty discouraged.
And, hospitals -> stop asking us to donate. I tried to donate, but the doctor didn't want my blood despite it was just 1 week earlier :(
I think I'd only donate blood in a yearly basis.
I'm dissapointed with the reasons given with no strong basis.

But someone once told me that under-performed doctors are usually being assigned to the BLOOD BANK. Haha. That explains!
The most daring thing they would do is to protect the donors.
They are protecting healthy people... &#$@# -> If this is what they could only do after obtaining their medicine degree.

1 comment:

Nitin said...

com'on .. yea.. its kinda bad..
its like you missed the 100 meters just by a whisker. but whats it up with that doc anyways? it not like it would be that bad to take it. i mean . like even though they say 12x7 weeks.. it only means close to that period of time to get the blood quanitity back i think . for some people you get it back early and for some a lil bit later. but i think they didn't do it cause they didn't really want your blood level to drop super-low. cause they have got no clue to wether you have replenished completely or not i guess.

im guessing here.. i was never the good citizen.. never did this blood donation thing.. it kinda scares me.. :S.